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31 Golden Rules of Grammar - Introduction

‘My spelling is Wobbly. It’s good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places.’


That or which? Where does the apostrophe go? What is an infinitive, and why do people get so wound up about splitting it?

If you ever have any Pooh-like grammar 'Wobbles', the following 31 blog posts are for you. They began life as a series of daily emails that I sent round an advertising agency where I was working as a copywriter. I didn't do this off-the-cuff; my boss asked me to because the emails and letters that people were sending to clients were often riddled with errors. He thought it would be a fun, interesting way of brushing up the team's writing skills.

And people loved it.

They requested more tips, added examples and, sometimes, corrected me. A lot of thought and experience has been distilled into these pages.

So perhaps there will be something of interest to you. And if you like it so much you want your very own copy, it is also available as a very inexpensive e-book and a paperback (different title, but it's the same text inside).

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